Quality from a bygone era

Runabout creates modern interpretations of classic daily wear and progressive adventure goods.

Runabout is an American Made casual wear brand which combines the manufacturing principles of bygone eras with current styling. We make a wide range of iconic outdoor lifewtyle tops, from Parkas, Anoraks, and sweatshirts to the perfect tubular T-Shirt. We believe in well-made wearable and durable goods utilizing a progressive styling approach that can withstand the test of time. We create versatile adventure gear that blends tradition, style and function.



Mike Hodis

Founder, Runabout Goods


Having emigrated to the USA from Eastern Europe with his family in 1982, Mike's journey into clothing production grew from an early interest in all things American. This fascination, along with an interest in industrial revolution era machinery (a growing collection of vintage black head sewing machines!), led him to follow his instinct and start Rising Sun Manufacturing over 10 years ago.Fast forward to 2014 and it was time for a change. When Rising Sun started making jeans, the denim market was mainly commercial with long standing large companies making up the majority and a few select Japanese brands filling the boutique spaces in between. A decade later and it was getting tough to stand out amongst the explosion of 'heritage' denim brands popping up left, right and centre. 

Runabout Goods was launched and the concept is a simple one. In terms of progression within our arena of vintage style and well made goods, the move from pre-war denim and workwear, to the classic outdoor American styles of the 1950's and 1960's, was the perfect move. The need for rugged hard wearing quality is the same, yet the colour palette and range of design concepts is far more broad ranging in our opinion. Even our love of vintage vehicles has been satisfactorily catered for. The hot rods and pick up truck have given way to an early Land Rover Defender.





Made in the USA

All of our garments are Designed in our workshop in Eagle Rock California.

We only use machinery that is true to the quality of our garments and the era to which they were inspired. Our sewing machines are turn of the century works of art that have held up over the test of time and use.