[a]ayzenberg x Runabout


A Special collaboration between [a]ayzenberg and Runabout Goods

This collaborative project with [a], leading media content producer in the the technology sector, takes the humble garment and elevates it to an extension of the wearer -- a tool to effectively communicate based on the wearer's myCOLOR profile.

We created four distinct styles: button-down henley, hooded sweatshirt, bomber jacket, and a utility parka with innovative personal tech integration design details.

Created primarily for [a]  staff and industry influencers, these items will be displayed and will only be available to purchase at 2nd Hand Revival.  


Based on the latest HEXACO Personality Inventory, our Chief Scientist, Dr. J. Galen Buckwalter, created a short, fun “myCOLOR” personality quiz that lets you discover the color of your personality.

Our friends at [a] will be on hand to help you find your personality color through a short and fun personality quiz.